Selasa, 26 Februari 2008

Real Estate

Arrange each;every accessory and furniture carefully, but labour column of to impressing do not too full of because exactly can affirm the impression minimalis which wish created. the example of Settlement of pigura photo use the pigura of larger ones but in number a few/little to give the accent in column
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Senin, 18 Februari 2008

How to chosen the correct furniture accessory and for the house of Your minimalis?
Maintaining functional and practical element become the elementary key in adorning house minimalis Malioboro View
Substance election can coagulate the concept minimalis which wish attended. Furniture Glass for example solid with the aluminium or iron forge the inclusive of type furniture which is a lot of used. Besides its for which simpel, its treatment even also relative [is] easy to [done/conducted].
Gorden even also able to support the impression which wish presented in column. With the type of romance blind, for example having the character of light at one blow able to make an impression on dynamic in column which minimalis
Desain by presisi is coherent also become the individuality [of] [at] architecture and also furniture minimalis. Therefore, select;choose the desk or chair owning simple desain, a few/little, or without ornament. By ornament [is] which the minim, can facilitate the treatment and column terksesan more easy compatible so that if applied at dinky house minimalis.
Minimalis also can be allied with the substance or furniture from colour - wood colour of like deep brown or red chocolate
election of Colour and pattern even also have to be showed by a carefully, whereabout pattern of too crowded variegation or flower less be compatible when allied in house minimalis. Maintaining colour tone each time add or change the accessory and furniture in one column.Pujatama Top Kontraktor Yogya

Modern of Minimalis

House Minimalis attend with the clearer character ( form and geometric space, simple), better ( sturdy), and stronger with the empty space a few ornamen and housewares). Minimum become the target at one blow simple ornamen itself and purification. Straight line, flat smoothly harsh sometimes, and area meeting completely vertical elbow..
efficient Substance usage, practical, sturdy light but, and have high technology [to]. artless concrete Ekspos or tekstur of house wall, wide glass window a few/little, or even without extension. Construct the building from concrete till become militant the. Roof from clay tile, sirap, till lisp steel
artless Wood substance without ornamen, only dipelitur or painted, remain to a lot of used for the cushion of and leaf of door and window. Cushion from durable aluminium also have a lot of peeped at. fence of Concrete bertekstur, brick up the leaf sirih ( cutting petrify the times;rill compiled high rise), till hedgerow softening building inertia.
House by desain is minimalis emphasize the form desain which bare, artless, simple, is not complicated, compact, and space efficiency. Impressive of minimalis only part of esensial of house function which remain to be defended. Creativity and innovate the technological growth make the house minimalis will be non-stoped to expand more compact, trendi, and practical, and also remain to be new symbol favorite choice of society urban.Merapi View

Tropical and Modern Home

Every column in house enlightened by the incoming natural light all day long passing wide window door aperture and vent in around building, and also skylight in some corner of plafond roof. Space felt fresh and bold all day long.
Crossed Sirkulasi [of] incoming fresh air emit a stream of fluent and plafond roof which high enough ( 2,5-3 metre) creating space felt fresh, do not dirty or damp, and minimization of usage of fan or AC.
House of non merely place shelter from sun or rain, but house is place process the socialization for a human being with family. Wide give the terrace, building, and finish the problem rain in the rainwater. Under place fall the rainwater made by a dry garden with the long linear surface koral facilitating diffusion irrigate, at one blow negate the water roof-gutter which is frequently stuffed up or leak the. Rain moment, wall and floor is not muddy and slippery, wall of clear of sprinkling irrigate mud.
openness And relation usher the liquid space make the space felt to emit a stream of from front of rear till for. Space with provided by as place mixed various activity, like sitting room and family room, family room, mess room and kitchen, family room and space learn with.
tropical modern House excess is which tropical climate make the house felt [by] more live and warmness. solidarity of architecture Wisdom ( tropical tradisional), modern life requirement accomplishment, and also modern material ( concrete, steel, glass, fiberglass) and natural material ( wood, petrify the times, brick, terakota).Pujatama Kontraktor